Goblin’s Cave

The Goblin’s Cave Video Slots Game

Goblin’s Cave is a video slots game that has been designed, developed, and released by Playtech Gaming. It offers players three reels and three pay lines to play on, as well as bonus games and random cash prize payouts.

The Goblin’s Cave Theme

Goblin’s Cave, as its name might suggest, focuses on the theme of goblins. These have been illustrated as being evil and stinky creatures in most of popular culture, but Goblin’s Cave presents a harmless-looking one, depicted sweet and casually with reading glasses, a snuggly pullover, and slippers.

The goblin character in Goblin’s Cove manually spins the reels to feature a realm of special symbols, including treasures, golden goblin coins, ruby jewels, rings, teapots, crowns, and a lamp icon. The lowest paying symbol is the coin symbol, and landing three matching coin symbols will pay out a one-time multiplier. Three standard ring symbols will pay out a two-time multiplier, while three matching green rings will pay out a five-time multiplier, purple rings a ten-time multiplier, and red rings and fifteen-time multiplier. Ruby jewels will pay out a five-time multiplier.

The game is colourful and illustrated in very bright colours, and the symbols take shape in cartoon-style, matching the friendly and inviting nature of the goblin himself.

The Goblin’s Cave Bonus Game

The Goblin’s Cave video slots game features a bonus game that allows players to indulge in additional winning chances. The bonus game is triggered when players succeed in landing three lamp symbols on one row. If players manage to land three lamp symbols on more than one row, as in, three on the first row and three on the second row, then they will be able to play multiple bonus games.

As soon as the Goblin’s Cave bonus game is triggered, players will be able to engage in a pick ‘em style game by clicking on one of the treasure chests that will be presented to them. This treasure chest will contain a random cash prize payout, which will then be rewarded to the player.

Goblin’s Cave Spins and Re-Spins

While the Goblin’s Cave video slots game does not offer its players many special features or bonus games, it does give them the unique opportunity to enjoy two spins for every bet. This means that players will get two spins per round, one regular spin, and one re-spin.

The first spin will be as per usual, and the reels will spin and land on various symbols. For the second spin, the re-spin, players will be able to hold down certain symbols, which will then remain sticky on the reels for the second spin. The reels will then spin again, with the held-down symbols locked in place. This allows players a greater chance to hit winning combinations. For example, if players have two matching symbols on an active pay line but the third symbol is completely out, the players can choose to hold down the two matching symbols and spin the only non-matching row again. This gives them a greater chance of landing three matching symbols than they would have if all three rows would spin again.


Elektra Online Slot Overview

Elektra is an online slot game based on the Marvel Super hero film released in 2005 starring Jennifer Garner.  In the film Elektra trains under a master of martial arts to learn the art of Kimagure, a form of martial arts that involves the use of weapons and becomes a hired assassin who ends up protecting the man she was supposed to kill.  This online slot focuses on her training and her use of weapons.  The aim of Elektra is to kill people using a variety of weapons such as bangles, a crossbow or a sword.  Elektra has 5 reels and 20 paylines.

Elektra’s Weapons of Choice

The symbols in this slot game are Elektra’s weapons of choice.  The swords have the highest payout of 5000 coins for 5, the crossbow and shooting stars will pay out 1000 coins for 5, the bangle and necklace are worth 500 coins for 5.  Also featured are the playing card symbols Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Ten and Nine.  The Ace and King each pay out 200 coins for 5, the Queen and Jack 150 coins for 5 and the Ten and Nine 100 coins for 5.

The wild symbol is Elektra and the scatter symbol is the trident, which is worth 100 coins for 5, 20 coins for 4, 5 coins for 3 and 2 coins for 2.

Weapons Bonus Round

During the weapons bonus round players are given 3 options and behind each option is a different prize.  If players choose the sword they will be rewarded with 10 free games, the shooting star awards players with 14 free games plus a 2 times multiplier or the crossbow which will reward players with 7 free games plus a multiplier of 4 times.

Elektra will help players during the bonus round by becoming an expanding wild over reels 2, 3 and 4 and she will also substitute to create even more winning combinations.  The wild symbol will appear during the main game, where she will substitute for all the symbols except the scatter.  The bonus round cannot be reactivated.

Mystery Jackpot Feature

All Marvel slots are linked to four progressive mystery jackpots, namely power, extra power, super power and ultimate power.  These jackpots are won randomly and any spin will give players the chance of entry into the jackpot, but the higher the bet the better the chance of winning is.  Players who take part in the jackpot game will be guaranteed a win of one of the 4 mystery jackpots.

The jackpot game involves a 4 by 5 grid of 20 squares each hiding a different symbol.  Players must then select the squares to reveal the jackpot symbols.  Players who match 3 of the same symbols will win that jackpot.  There is a reaction timer on the jackpot game, which means the jackpot will be paid out automatically if players do not react in enough time.

Elektra not only offers high quality graphics and sound, but players also have the opportunity to win during the weapons bonus feature and then the added bonus of the Marvel Mystery Jackpot where players have the opportunity to win the progressive jackpot.



Dracula Online Slot in Detail

Based on the Transylvanian vampire, Dracula is a Net Entertainment production.  The game opens with a maiden running down the streets of the town chased by a multitude of bats while eerie music plays in the background.  The graphics are excellent and the symbols animate throughout the game.  Dracula has 5 reels and 40 paylines.

Wild Symbol

The wild symbol is the bloody red W and will appear anywhere on reels 2, 3 and 4 during the main game and will substitute for all of the other symbols to create a winning combination.  The wild symbol will substitute for the highest possible winning combination on an active payline.

Dracula and His Symbols

The symbols in Dracula is Dracula himself and a lady, Dracula’s love interest, who will each pay out 200 coins for 5, 80 coins for 4 and 20 coins for 3.  Other symbols are a fat lady, a drunk and a beggar.  Each of these symbols is worth 60 coins for 5, 40 coins for 4 and 10 coins for 3.  The playing card symbols, Ace, King, Queen and Jack all have the same payouts of 40 coins for 5.

Stacked Wilds, Bats and Free Spins

If the stacked Dracula symbol appears on reel 2 and the lady appears on reel 4 at the same time during the main game players will win 10 free spins.  Stacked symbols will not appear during the bat feature.

Stacked wilds will also appear on reel 3 and they will be able to substitute for all other symbols to create a winning combination and will reward players with 2 extra free spins.  The free spins are always played at the same bet level and coin value as in the round before the free spins were activated.

The bat feature is activated when Dracula, seated on the side of the screen, transforms into a flock of bats and these bats then fly across the reels.  They will land and then be transformed into a symbol.  It is possible that all of the 20 symbols can change into the same symbol during the bat feature.  During the main game the bat feature will randomly activate but during the free spins round the bats will appear during every spin and transform the symbols.

Game Settings

Dracula has the following game settings.  The quick spin makes the reels spin faster.  There is an introduction screen which players may watch or skip.  Players may choose to turn off the animations, sound effects and ambience sound during the game.  There is also the option of adjusting the graphics quality.  The game history allows players to view their spin and win history.

How to Play

Dracula has a variety of options on the screen to assist players while playing.  The bet option will show the current wager for the next spin.  The autoplay option allows the reels to spin automatically for a set amount of spins.  The spin button will spin the reels.  The max bet allows players to spin the reels using the maximum bet; this depends on the balance available to play with.  The coin value is to select how many coins to bet per payline and players can view how many coins they have available using the coins option.

Dracula is a well-designed online slot with high quality graphics, animations and sound effects that will transport players to the eerie town of Transylvania!

Crazy Chameleons

A Closer Look at Crazy Chameleons Online Slot

Crazy Chameleons is a Microgaming online slot and has 5 reels and 5 paylines.  The Crazy Chameleons in this slot game enjoy the beach and surfing the waves.  The ocean can be heard in the background together with beep sounds.

Wild Symbol

The wild symbol is the wild logo and will substitute for all the other symbols to complete a winning combination.  The wild symbol in Crazy Chameleons will not create its own winning combination when more than one symbol appears on an active payline.  Only one winning combination is paid out for each active payline and if there is the possibility of more winning combinations the highest value one will be paid out.

Symbols and Payouts

The symbols in Crazy Chameleons all have a beach theme.  The highest paying symbol is the Crazy Chameleon who is worth 5000 coins for 5, 500 coins for 4 and 50 coins for 3.  The sun is worth 3000 coins for 5, 300 coins for 4 and 30 coins for 3.  Next up is the seagull that will pay out 2000 coins for 5, 200 coins for 4 and 20 coins for 3.  The Hawaiian board shorts are worth 700 coins for 5, 70 coins for 4 and 7 coins for 3.  The surfboards have a payout of 600 coins for 5, 60 coins for 4 and 6 coins for 3.  Crazy Chameleons also features the playing card symbols, King, Queen, Jack and Ten.  The King is worth 500 coins for 5, the Queen will pay out   400 coins for 5, the Jack 300 coins for 5 and the Ten 100 coins for 5.

Crazy Chameleons Jackpot

Crazy Chameleons has a jackpot of 5000 coins, which can be won when 5 of the chameleons appear on the reels.  In order to win the jackpot players are advised to bet the maximum coin value, which is 5.00.  The minimum bet is 0.25.  Crazy Chameleons does not have a bonus feature, multiplier or a gamble feature which makes it a simple game to master.  This game is available in free or demo mode on most online casino sites where players can try out this fun game and get in some practice rounds before playing for real money.  All wins will pay out right to left and left to right and players can view the paytable for any additional information.

How to Play

Crazy Chameleons has an autoplay feature that players can activate.  This feature allows players to choose their active paylines and coin value and then have the reels spin automatically for a certain amount of spins.  This feature saves time and gets in more spins.  It can be deactivated at any time during the game.  The bet max button automatically selects the maximum amount of paylines and the highest coin value.  There is also a help feature for players to get assistance on all aspects of the game.

Crazy Chameleons is a colourful online slot, which is easy to play and is great entertainment for all players and offers the chance to win 5000 coins.


Oveview of Cleopatra Online Slot

Developed by IGT (International Gaming Technology), a leader in creating gaming systems and casino games, Cleopatra has 5 reels and 20 paylines.  Based on the famous and beautiful Egyptian princess this online video slot features Egyptian symbols and music plays as the reels spin.  The wild and scatter symbol will animate during the game.

Wild and Scatter Symbols

Cleopatra is the wild symbol and players will hear her speak when she appears on the reels.  She will payout 10 000 coins for 5 and 2000 coins for 4.  The wild symbol will substitute for the other symbols except the scatter to create a winning combination.  The sphinx is the scatter symbol.  If one or more of the wild symbols substitute in a winning combination the pay out for that win is doubled.

Symbols and Payouts

Other symbols include the scarab beetle and various other Egyptian symbols and both and will pay out 750 coins for 5.  The Egyptian hieroglyphic symbols have payouts of between 400 coins and 250 coins.  Cleopatra also features the playing card symbols, Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Ten and Nine.  The Ace has the highest pay out of the card symbols of 125 coins for 5 while the others each pay out 100 coins for 5.  For detailed payouts players can consult the paytable.

Cleopatra Bonus Game

The sphinx will activate the bonus game.  If 3 or more scatter symbols appear on the reels in any position players will be given 15 free spins.  This bonus feature can be reactivated up to a maximum of 180 free spins.  If players have a winning combination of 2 or more scatter symbols during this round their bet may be doubled.  All payouts are tripled during the free spins round except for 5 wild symbols.

During the bonus round 5 scatter symbols will pay out 100 times the total bet, 4 scatters will pay out 20 times the total bet, 3 scatters will pay out 5 times the total bet and 2 scatters will pay out 2 times the total bet.

All wins will pay out from left to right and all of the line wins will be multiplied by the line bet.

How to Play Cleopatra

The lines button is to select how many paylines to activate, the maximum being 20.  Players can use the line bet to choose how much to wager and the maximum is 50.  The total bet will reflect the lines and line bet total.  The spin button is to spin the reels.  Players may make use of the autospin feature that allows players to spin the reels automatically for 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50 autospins once they have preselected paylines and a wager.  The spanner allows players to choose which graphics quality they would like to use while playing.

Cleopatra can be played for free at most online casinos.  This free or demo mode option is a great way for players to try out new casino games or online casinos.  They can familiarise themselves with the game which gives them an advantage when playing for real money.

Cleopatra is an entertaining Egyptian themed online slot, which all players can enjoy.


Cashville Online Slot

Cashville is an online slot game developed by Microgaming.  This slot was developed more than a decade ago in 2005.  Since then Cashville has had a revamp and the graphics have been upgraded.  It is a popular online slot and has reels in bright colours with extravagant symbols and wealthy characters.  This is a great game and offers bonus features and is loads of fun to play.  There is also the chance to make some extra cash.

Cashville Symbols and Payouts

Cashville has 5 reels and 20 paylines and players can win up to 500 000 coins.  The wild symbol is a gold W and will only substitute for the money symbols.  The wild symbol has a payout of 50 000 coins for 5, 1500 coins for 4, 180 coins for 3 and 4 coins for 2.  The scatter symbol is the gold S and will pay out 300 coins for 5, 30 coins for 4 and 8 coins for 3.  All scatter wins will be multiplied by the total wager, and the scatter wins are added to the payline wins.

The Cashville symbols are 4 billionaires and they are Bill Bullion, Dame Von Deeds, Sir Sterling and Bette Boodle.  Each of the billionaires has a money symbol.  Each of the billionaires will pay out 10 000 coins for 5; Bill Bullion has a payout of 200 coins for 4 and 50 coins for 3.  Dame Von Deeds will pay out 150 coins for 4 and 30 coins for 3.  Sir Sterling is worth 120 coins for 4 and 20 coins for 3.  Bette Boodle has a payout of 100 coins for 4 and 15 coins for 3.  The money symbols each have different payouts with Bill Bullion’s money symbols paying out 180 coins for 5, Dame Von Deeds 150 coins for 5, Sir Sterling 120 coins for 5 and Bette Boodle 90 coins for 5.

Bonus Coin Feature

The Bonus game is triggered when 3 or more bonus coins appear on the reels, on an active payline.  During the bonus game players will have to choose from four different games.  Once the bonus round is triggered players must select one of the billionaires.  Each one offers a different game to play.  Bill Bullion is a wealthy oil baron and players must choose from six oilrigs and behind each one there is a cash prize.

Dame Von Deeds offers a choice of 8 deeds to choose from and behind each one is a cash prize.  Sir Sterling is very wealthy and offers players a selection of 9 vaults to choose from and inside each one is a cash prize.  Bette Boodles loves dogs and players must select 5 of her dog portraits to reveal a cash prize.  Players can win up to 60 000 coins during the bonus game.

Gamble Option

Cashville has a gamble feature.  This feature is triggered when there is a win on an active payline.  Here players must correctly guess the colour of the card drawn and all wins are doubled.  Players should note that if they guess incorrectly they would lose all of their winnings.  The gamble feature is optional.

Players will find the bonus game fun and entertaining and offers more ways to win.  The choice of the gamble feature keeps the game interesting.

Maritime Maidens

Maritime Maidens Online Slots Review

Maritime Maidens slot by Microgaming offers the player a total of twenty five paylines with five reels.

The art style of Maritime Maidens slot is a comic cartoon style with the mermaids drawn in a 1940s pin up style. Overall, Microgaming has decided to use an ocean pallet for this game, and there are many different shades of blues, greens, and sand colours used in this slot. There is also the heavy use of water and the ocean in particular.

Behind the reel, the background of this slot is comprised of a tropical beach scene. At the bottom, the player can see a white sand beach with emerald water gently hitting the shore. Farther in the background, the player can see small green hills rising up from the water. In the distance there are large mountains with lush green vegetation growing on top of them.

Wispy white clouds are seen floating in a light blue sky and black sea birds are gliding around just above the top of the reel. The title of this slot, Maritime Maidens, is written at the top of the reel in a blue to green gradient. The reel itself is bordered by intricate silver scrolling. This silver scrolling is also used to the left and the right of the reel where the player can see the various paylines available in the game. The words 25 lines are written in blue hearts at the top of the scrolling payline indicator.

Below the reel, there is various informational boxes and betting options that they player can utilise. The player can view pays and adjust their bets. They adjust the bets by pushing the minus and plus buttons under the betting box. The player can also see the lines available for play, the coins they have left, their bet and their win. There is also a spin button which has been highlighted in green.

Maritime Maidens Slot Symbols

The symbols in Maritime Maidens follow along with the ocean and maritime theme of this slot. Symbols include traditional slot symbols such as the ten, jack, queen, king and ace, but also have additional symbols which are more tied into the overall theme. The first of these symbols is a blonde mermaid with a green tail sitting on a beach with a white bird. The second of these symbols is a mermaid with red hair and an orange tail sitting on a beach. The third symbol is a mermaid with orange hair and a purple tail sitting on the beach. The fourth symbol is a mermaid with brown hair and a blue tail sitting on the beach. Additionally, there are two more mermaids that serve as symbols. One has a golden orange tale and one has a red tail. The final two symbols are a wild and symbol with the name of the slot on it.

Bonus Features

There are two bonus games in this slot. One is called Sea Coast and the other is called Oyster Hunting. The Sea Coast bonus game involves free spins while the Oyster Hunting lets the player pick from twenty oysters that are on the screen. Under some of the oysters are prizes for the player. The player must try and pick the oysters with the best prizes. Some of the shells have pearls in them. Once the player has uncovered four pearls then bonus game is over.

King Tiger

King Tiger Online Slot by NextGen

King Tiger slot by Nextgen games offers the player a total of twenty paylines with five reels.

The art style of King Tiger slot is a realistic cartoon style with an emphasis on vivid greens and yellows. Nextgen is working to transport players into the deep, dark jungles where the Tiger in this game lurks, and making a lush green surrounding helps to immerse the player in a different world. The artwork is very crisp and it is also very detailed.

Behind the reel of this game, the player can see a lush jungle and rainforest scene unfolding. At the bottom, there is long, tall, and bushy green grasses – perfect for hiding a tiger that is waiting to pounce. In addition to the tall grass, the player can also see a wide variety of green bushes and plants. There are also several brown trees with scaly bark that are growing up to form a dense canopy that sits high above the jungle floor below. Through the smaller trees, the player can see the soft yellow glow of the jungle sun which is made hazy by the thick fog and humidity that surrounds the entirety of the thick rainforest. The player is left to imagine what animals might be lurking in the depths of the forest, as there are no animals to be seen.

Above the reel is the name of the slot written in block letters with a yellow to orange gradient. To the left and right of the reel, the player can see the paylines listed in different coloured boxes. These paylines include four, twelve, ten, fourteen, one, fifteen, eleven, five, thirteen, nineteen, six, two, twenty, sixteen, eight, nine, seventeen, eighteen, three and seven. Under the reel, the player can see different messages scrolling in a black box. These messages include, “Feel the power and majesty of King Tiger” and “Tiger is stacked on reels 2, 3, and 4.” On the bottom of the reel, the player is presented with information on the game as well as some betting options that they can adjust. These buttons include info, autoplay, lines, bet, gamble, spin, the player’s balance, the player’s total bet and the player’s win. The play can adjust their lines and bet by pressing the plus and minus buttons on the screen.

King Tiger Slot Symbols

The symbols in King Tiger fall in line with the jungle theme that is highlighted in this slot. Symbols include a pink flower, a white bird, a water buffalo, a brown deer, an elephant, and a tiger as well as a nine, ten, jack, queen, king and ace. The tiger, as one could imagine, is the symbol that serves as the wild in this game. As was outlined above, the tiger appears on reels two, three and four.

Bonus Features

This slot has a bonus feature of free spins. In order to get free spins, the player must land at least three of the pink flows anywhere on the reel. For this, the player is awarded with ten free spins as well as a three times multiplier. If the player lands additional flowers, at least three to be exact, during this round, they will win additional free spins.

Free video slots

Free Video Slots Are Online Now

Video slot titles are one of the most popular forms of online gaming. Video slot titles can feature a variety of themes and play styles. Ever since the dawning of the digital age, the old fashioned mechanical slot machines have found a new breath of live thanks in no small part to technological advancements. Free video slots can be found on casino gaming sites as well as on dedicated video slot sites.

Free And Real Money Play

Free video slot titles are mostly aimed at casual video slot players or people who are still on the fence about joining a dedicated casino site. Free video slots serve as a great introduction to the gaming possibilities available online. Free video slots rarely provide the ability to wager in real money, so players are provided with a fixed amount of free credit that they can use to make wagers. In order to start playing with real money, players will need to sign up to hosting sites and create a real money account.

Free Video Slot Compatibility

Free Video slots are great titles to play for fun. They are simple to control and understand and often feature fantastic sound and graphics. Especially when you consider the vast amount of licensed video slots that can be themed on popular films or artists.

Video slots are also great titles to play on a mobile device like an iPad, iOS device, and Windows phone or android device. The simple play mechanics and bright clear graphics make free video slots the ideal past time during a lunch break, waiting in line or during a long morning commute. In order to be as compatible as possible with as little effort as possible, most video slot titles are available for instant play via your device’s browser. Modern free video slot titles are fully compatible with your browsers flash media player. You can literally simply click and play free video slots titles. More advanced titles may require a software download to access advanced features, but downloading is not a pre requisite.

Free Video Slot Bonuses

Free video slot titles can feature a host of bonus features, free spins and win multipliers that make each game a unique and fun experience. You will not however be able to fully enjoy these features as very few click and play free video slots, if any, allow real money wagering. In order to get the full casino experience, Players will need to register special accounts with their website of choice. Players will be able to make cash deposits at this site, into their account, that can then be used for real money wagers. The free video slots will still be free however.

When signing up to sites and making your first deposits, you may be eligible for a whole host of additional bonuses like a first deposit bonus. Many sites also run other promotions like free prizes. Players who wager high and often can also become members of the site’s VIP customers, meaning even bigger rewards. Players may be able to look forward to free trips, cash bonuses paid directly to your account or access to exclusive game content.

Fishy Fortunes

Take An Underwater Trip With Fishy Fortunes

Fishy Fortune is an underwater adventure dressed up as an online slot title. This 5 reel and 10 pay line slot game takes place underwater where you are joined with a variety of fish friends. This title features a Net Entertainment progressive jackpot that is up for grabs. It also features free spins, wilds and scatter symbols.

The Fishy Fortune Pay Symbols

The pay symbols in Fishy Fortunes are made up of all the various denizens of the sea. You also get some wooden detritus that makes up the standard symbols as well as makes some nice homes for the fish and crustaceans. The main symbols are made up of a blue seahorse, a red crab, a green anglerfish and an orange and yellow clown fish.  The standard symbols are made up of the wooden Nine, Ten, and Jack, Queen and King symbols.

The Fishy Fortunes Wild Symbol

The open chest full of golden coins serves as the in game wild symbol. This symbol will substitute its value for any symbol that would be needed to trigger a win on an active pay line. When this symbol is part of a winning combination, that win will have a 2x multiplier attached to it. Additionally, the golden chest Wild will also pay out coins for two or more matching symbols that are lined up from left to right on an activated pay line. Two symbols pay 10 coins and three symbols pay 200. Four symbols will pay 2500 coins and five matching golden chest symbols pay out 10 000 coins.

The Fishy Fortunes Scatter Symbol

The Oyster Shell with the pearl inside it is the scatter symbol of Fishy Fortunes. This Symbol will trigger a payout for two or more symbols anywhere on the reels. Two symbols will pay out two coins, three symbols will pay out 5 coins, four symbols will pay out 20 coins and five symbols will pay out 500 coins.

The Fishy Fortune Free Spins Bonus

The oyster scatter symbol functions as the free spins bonus trigger. If you land more than three of the oyster scatters anywhere on the reel, this feature will activate and you can take your free spins immediately. Two or three scatter symbols on screen will award players 10 free spins. Four symbols will award players with 20 free spins and 5 scatter symbols awards players with 30 free spins. During the free spins round, all wins will have a 3x multiplier attached to it.

The Fishy Fortunes Progressive Jackpot

Fishy Fortunes features a Progressive Jackpot system, this means that the jackpot is determined by how many players are playing Fishy Fortunes on the specific casino site you are using. With each spin of every player, the progressive jackpot will increase. The trigger for the progressive jackpot is landing five of the purple octopus symbols on an activated pay line. Since each online casino would differ in their current NetEnt progressive jackpot, it can be to a player’s benefit to search around and play on a site that offers the highest current progressive jackpot.

The purple octopus symbol will also pay out for two or more matching symbols. They are worth 2 coins for two matching symbols. Three symbols will net you 10 coins, four will net you 50 coins and 5 will trigger the progressive jackpot.