Casino Holdem

Unique Poker Variation Casino Hold’em Online

This is a somewhat unique approach to the game of Texas Hold’em, one of the more popular versions of the game of poker ever created. This means for the players that this video poker game involved the creation of hand of 5 cards from two personal cards and 5 community cards. However what makes this slot unique in its approach to this is that there are a fair few side bets and additional wagers that players can place, which allows for a degree of strategy in this otherwise rather rigid video poker game. Overall this Casino Hold’em game is a fairly straightforward card game from top developers Casino Hold’em, which will likely be appealing to those already familiar with the poker version this game is based on and would like to see a bit of variation in the approach to the video poker incarnation of it.

In order to properly jump into this Casino Hold’em video poker game players however do need a fair grasp of the fundaments of poker, including the hand ranks, how to form them and even further, the odds of each. Fortunately players can check up on the pay outs from the particular scenarios for which this video poker game has specific bets available for at any time they please, with the information being readily available in this Play’n Go game.

The Rules and Gameplay of Casino Hold’em

To start the game of players must place an ante bet, which requires them to select a bet size from the availability on hand. Fortunately, and perhaps as a result of Play’n Go’s international reach, this card game includes a fair degree of betting option, to allow the players playing said game to be able to feel comfortable with the bets they place. Once the wager is down the player and dealer are dealt their respective cards. The ante bet remains in place until the end of the game, but beforehand players can also place additional bets on particular circumstances unfolding. This optional wager is the AA bonus and pays out if players can accrue a flush or better from their hand the initial three community cards that are placed.

Once the bets are made and the cards dealt, up to the first three community cards, players are given the option to either fold or call. The first choice terminates the bet and the game, forfeiting the wager placed. Whilst the second choice doubles the initial ante bet and allows the final cards, the river and turn, to be placed down and the game to ultimately resolve itself.

Final Thoughts and Odds of Hands

In this Casino Hold’em game, like many variants of video poker, the strategy comes into play with regard to the various pay out potentials of the different available hands. Here player with a firm understanding of the likelihood or probability of each of the possible hand may have an advantage over other players on just which bets and games to follow through on, and which ones to fold with. Overall, this Casino Hold’em poker game from Play’n Go offers a great gaming experience.


Viz Slots Game

For those who were not teenage or preteen boys in Britain in the 1990’s and 1980’s, Viz was a rather rude comic that could be bought at any corner shop. Full of rude jokes, many of them involving farts and sex, Viz thrilled small boys and caused them to snigger quietly into their hands for years. Viz the slot is based on said comic, and has the same kind of humour combined with the characters that will be familiar to anyone who has read the comic. Viz the slot has twenty paylines which can all be played at the same time, or any number up to twenty depending on your preference.

Comical Graphics

Viz is a comic book, so Viz the slot obviously takes after it in terms of graphics. All the graphics in Viz the slot are cartoon style, as was found in the original book. The colours are very bright, and there are loads of cartoon characters populating not only the reels but the background as well. Everything is sharp edged with good borders which make the slot very striking. The sound track is also suitably humorous and theme based, with lots of fart noises and other sounds that will send the twelve year old boy in you into peals of laughter.

Twelve Year Old Boy Humour

The whole slot has a sense of humour that will definitely appeal to a twelve year old boy. If you are not into fart jokes and naming people rude things, then Viz the slot is not for you. The base symbols are a tad disappointingly taken from a deck of poker cards, which doesn’t have much to do with the theme at all. They are however bright and set at a jaunty angle which fits in with the feel. Next up are characters from the comic itself. Two Fat Slags, Suicide Sid and Terry Fuckwit can all be found gracing the reels along with a number of special symbols.

Roger Mellie Free Spins

Roger Mellie, the Guy on Telly is a bonus symbol that will launch a Deal or no Deal style bonus game. You get to choose a TV which contains a mystery free spin amount. The other TV’s are then removed to reveal the other free Australian online pokies spins amounts. A set of scantily clad ladies will then offer you the choice of taking their free spins, or keeping your own. There is the potential to win 200 free spins during this feature.

Sexpot Jackpot

The progressive jackpot in Viz can only be won during the free spins round. Finding five Sid icons on the reels will grant you this award, but only if you are playing with a value of at least 1 currency denomination per spin. This jackpot does not get reset to zero once it is won either; it has a minimum amount which means that it is always worth winning.

Usual Suspects Bonus

This game is a little Pick Me which is triggered by three or more usual Suspects icons. Each character in the line is holding a card with a multiplier on it, and you simply have to choose one.

Wheel of Fartune

Three or more Fartpants icons on your reels will launch a wheel of fortune style game. Each icon found gets a wheel that will spin to award you with a multiplier. Each wheel is then added to the previous one to create a final multiplier which is added to your amount stacked.

Vegas, Baby

Vegas, Baby Slots Review

Vegas, Baby! Is the catch phrase that we all associate with a road trip to the famous city in the Nevada Desert. Vegas, Baby the slot is a simple online game that represents all the good times that could be found in Las Vegas during the 1950’s, when spending a weekend under the glittering lights was the goal of all young party creatures.

The slot has twenty optional paylines, which be played for as little as 0.1 or as much as 5 coins per line. This means that Vegas, Baby is a penny slot, so players of the lower budgets ranges will enjoy taking it for a spin. The maximum amount of lines can be played for the maximum coin amount of 500 coins per spin, which means that high rollers may also enjoy the thrill of the reels. The higher you bet in Vegas, Baby, the more likely you are to stand a chance of winning the standing jackpot of 10 000 coins. As it is in Sin City, you got to play big, to win big.

Glitzy Graphics

Vegas, Baby is not a 3D slot machine, such as can be found online these days. It is in fact a remake of the IGT brick and mortar based game of the same name. The graphics in Vegas, Baby are exactly the same as the ones in the physical game, which is to say that they are bright and glitzy but definitely still done in drawing style and not realistic.

Behind the reels is a mix up of bright colours with no particular picture, but it does make the plain white reels stand out. The symbols are also all done in bright colours and stand out on the white reels. The sound track is pretty standard until a voice bellows at you when you form a winning combination, which can be quite startling.

Sin City Symbols

Las Vegas in the 1950’s was a very different place than what it is today. Back then there were no super casinos, and everything was more personal and quaint. Vegas, Baby the slot harks back to these times, with all symbols being theme based. At the bottom of the order we find symbols from a set of poker cards, which in this case are actually theme based. These are simply done in bright colours and dark outlines. On the reels next to these we find cocktails, showgirls, a wedding sign, a roulette table and a stack of casino chips.

Not So Glam Features

Vegas, Baby has very basic special features to offer a player. These are the same features that can be found in thousands of other online slots and do nothing to keep players interested. The games logo is the wild symbol, and can take the place of any other symbol in the game except for the bonus scatter. This wild also holds the key to the games standing jackpot, awarding the lucky player with 10 000 coins for five of them in a row. The wild also carries a 2x multiplier, which means that it doubles all wins that it forms a part of.

The Bonus symbol is Vegas, Baby’s scatter symbol. Three or more of these anywhere on the reels will grant a player with fifteen free spins. During the free spins round all wins are tripled, and they can be retriggered during the round too.

Ultimate Fighting Championship

 Ultimate Fighting Championship Online Slots

Ultimate Fighting Championship is a very popular series in which characters all fight each other in a series of matches, very similar to another series where all the characters are wrestlers and come from around the world. Ultimate Fighting Championship is a 20 line slot with five reels and a coin value of 0.1 up to 10. The twenty paylines are all optional, and a player is able to bet up to 10 coins per line. This makes Ultimate Fighting Championship a very versatile slot when it comes to wagering amounts, which means that it will appeal to players of all budgets.

Hard Hitting Graphics and Feel

Ultimate Fighting Championship is a hardcore slot. The music is all metal, with lots of booms and explosion noises when you hit a winning combination. The reels are black, as is the background. The symbols are designed to look realistic, and most of them are of the various fighters in the UFC series. In the dark behind the reels can be seem the famous Octagon, or cage that the fights take place in. Over all colours in Ultimate Fighting Championship are black and red, as it is on the series as well. This slot has a hard hitting feel, with no soft edges.

Fighter Symbols

Right at the beginning of the game you get to choose on of the fighters of Ultimate Fighting Championship to be your wild symbol. This fighter can however be changed at any time during the game play. The rest of the symbols are mostly theme based, except for the very bottom ones that are from a deck of poker cards. These have been done in a metallic font however, and look almost like sharp weapons which kind of fits in with the theme. The rest of the symbols include the announcer  Bruce Buffer,  ring girls Brittney Palmer and Arianny Celeste, the official UFC logo, the Octagon or ring and a punching bag.

Training Bonus

Ultimate Fighting Championship has two main bonus features aside from the wild symbol. The first is the Training Bonus. This is launched by finding the fighting gloves special symbol on reels two three nd four. This will take you to a second screen where you will see your personal fighter that you chose at the beginning of the Australian online slots game, in other words your wild symbol. His stats will be displayed next to him, including strength, stamina and experience along with six cards that hide opponents. From here it actually becomes a little Pick Me round, as you now have to choose an opponent card. If your fighters’ stats are stronger than his, you win free spins. The idea is to get a star in each match up for one of the stats. These spins can be retriggered by finding more gloves during the free round.

Fight Night Bonus

Finding the Ultimate Fighting Championship belt symbol on reels one three and five will grant you access to the Fight Night bonus feature. This feature is almost like a playable video game, where your character has to fight and beat another character. Each fighter has an energy meter and when that is depleted they have lost. A reel at the bottom of the screen shows various moves that you can choose to play out on your opponent. Coins are awarded for good moves, and of course the ultimate goal is to win the match to get the standing jackpot.

Treasures of Troy

Treasures of Troy Slot by IGT

Treasures of Troy is a pretty simple online slot with very few extras. The game has five reels and offers players a multiway line win with 1024 ways to win. You can bet on the normal lines as well for significantly less, but the wins won’t happen as often.

The game has a decent wagering limit and can be played in three currencies; Pounds US Dollars and Euros. The coin values range from 0.01 up to five currency units. It is important to remember that when playing with the 1024 ways to win system that the wins will be much less than with a regular payline as there will be many more of them and thus they are quite diluted. Treasures of Troy is not a game that will appeal to seasoned players. It has no progressive jackpot or exciting bonus features. It is a pretty standard simple slot that may be good for beginners to practice with before they move on to other more intricate games.

Standard Graphics

The graphics in Treasures of Troy are nothing exceptional. They have been drawn to fit in with the regular slot machine type style, which mean that they are good enough without being very detailed. Not cartoonish, but definitely not realistic. The reels sit in front of what could be a roman temple and are edged to look like a building. The player info is laid out neatly at the bottom of the screen in square buttons which are only vaguely theme based. The sound track is almost nonexistent, with only some battle like noises when you hit a winning combination.

Trojan Theme

Slot developers love to create slots based on ancient civilisations or stories. Funnily enough there are only a few on ancient Troy, most choose to create slots around Egypt or South America. Treasures of Troy is a slot that very loosely tells the story of the Trojan horse. The Trojan horse was given to the city of Troy in the middle of a battle by the enemy. Unbeknown to the Trojans it was filled with enemy soldiers, and when night fell all the soldiers came out of the horse and sacked Troy.

Historical Symbols

The symbols in Treasures of Troy are only partly theme based. The bottom ones are form a deck of poker cards that definitely did not exist in Trojan times. They have had some effort put into them however and each one has a different Trojan artefact worked into the design. Next up we have some more artefacts, namely a sword and a helmet. At the top of the paytable we have characters that we can only assume are from the story. The dark haired lady is worth the most followed by the dark haired soldier and the soldier with the helmet.

Bonus features

Treasures of Troy has very few bonus features, offering a player only the standard wild symbol and free spins. The wild symbol is the games logo, and can replace any symbols in the best Australian online pokies game except for the one that launches the free spins.

The free spins are launched by the Trojan Horse. This is only found on the centre reel and will award you with up to twenty free spins depending on how many horses you found. These can be retriggered by finding more horses during the free spins round.

Wild Catch

The Wild Catch Video Slots Game

Wild Catch is a video slots game designed and developed by one of the leader’s in the world’s online software and gaming developers. The game focuses on a fishing theme, and offers its players a two hundred and forty-three ways of winning feature, wild symbols, scatter symbols, and a free spins bonus round. The action takes place on five reels.

The Wild Catch Winning Feature

Wild Catch is one of the many video slots games that offers its players a two hundred and forty-three ways of winning feature. This means that players need to land three matching symbols on consecutive reels without having to pay any attention to pay lines. As long as the symbols land from the left to the right starting from the first reel, winning combinations can be formed, no matter where on the reels this occurs.

The Wild Catch Theme and Symbols

The theme of the Wild Catch video slots game, as said, focuses on the fishing world, and is filled with fishing, fisherman, and fish symbols. These are all depicted in colourful ways and in a high quality, combined with well-placed sound effects for maximum playing pleasure.

The Wild Catch Wild Symbol

The wild symbol of the Wild Catch video slots game is depicted by the icon of the swordfish. This swordfish wild can be used to substitute any of the other symbols in order to help players complete winning pay lines, make up the best possible winning combinations, and receive the highest possible pay outs.

In addition, the swordfish wild symbol will also reward players with free spins. If players manage to land three of the wild symbols, then they will be rewarded with five free spins. All winnings will come with a three-time multiplier. The free spins feature can be re-triggered if players again land a swordfish wild symbol.

The Wild Catch Scatter Symbol

The scatter symbol in the Wild Catch video slots game is depicted by a happy chappie together with a life ring. The scatter symbol provides some of the highest payouts, and is also responsible for triggering the free spins bonus round when players land three or more of the symbols. If players land three scatter symbols, they will be rewarded with ten free spins. If players land four scatter symbols, they will be rewarded with fifteen free spins. Finally, if players land the maximum of five scatter symbols, they will be rewarded with twenty free spins.

Landing wild symbols to complete a winning pay line will also reward players with additional benefits, as all wins that include a wild symbol will receive an additional multiplier. The multiplier value will start at one, but then will increase for each winning combination that includes a wild. The maximum multiplier value available lies at ten times the original bet.

The scatter-triggered free spins bonus feature can be re-triggered, but one cannot trigger the wild free spins while playing the free spins bonus round. The same applies vice versa.

Sports betting MasterCard

Secured Online Sports Betting MasterCard

There are definitely a number of different ways to have a wager online nowadays. With many online casinos, sportsbooks and lotteries to choose from, bettors from around the world have the opportunity to play betting games gathered from everywhere around the globe.

Online sports betting is a particularly fast growing industry, with more and more sports included in the craft. Therefore bettors can freely pick their favourite sports and teams to watch and bet on, bettering their own odds through commitment toward the game.

Online betting however can be a risky and complicated task if the incorrect systems are employed by bettors. Fortunately there are several top groups that specialise in protecting bettor transactions online, alongside their personal and private information. MasterCard for example is one such quality online banking option. Easy to use, secure and the Sports betting MasterCard supports is of top quality as well.

The Benefits of Online Sports Betting MasterCard

There are definitely some thrills to be found with the Sports betting MasterCard has associated itself with. This is because the MasterCard online payments system has proven itself a reliable one through the years, building a trust between bettors and online casinos, sportsbooks and vendors. With the Internet as huge and full of possibilities as it is today, there is more reason than ever for bettors to enter this market and enjoy the prospects it can bring. But engaging online, with a vendor or casino, can be intimidating since money changes hands without any face-to-face collaboration. This is why the trust and reliability that MasterCard incites is so valuable; since it afford bettors the peace of mind that personal information and the transactions made will be protected the entire time.

With such an acquired trust, the Sports betting MasterCard is linked immediately also becomes more reliable, affording bettors this payment system to offer them a trusting hand, an easy way of engagement to reduce risks on both ends and therefore make the whole experience that much more enjoyable. Another factor that benefits both bettors and sportsbooks is the reach and adaptation of the MasterCard online system into most top sites, so as an indicator of proficiency and transparency on top of it all.

The Excitement in Sports Betting with MasterCard

The availability of Sports betting MasterCard has supported is clearly rather broad, as the union benefits both bettors as well as the sportsbooks themselves. What bettors can expect from these online betting sites associated here is actually of some reputable quality. Across the online world, bettors will find sports betting in most every form. With a wide range of different sports and games to wager and watch, as well as a goodly variety of different betting possibilities, from the spot bet, to results betting and so much more. Bettors enthusiastic about any sport at all will find this form of betting potentially lots of fun. And with Sports betting MasterCard the while setup is that little bit more secure and user friendly for the bettors.


The Montezuma Video Slots Game

Montezuma is a video slots game by WMS that features five reels and thirty pay lines for players to play on. The game is based on an ancient South American civilisation, and it focuses on the legendary warrior by the name of Montezuma. The pay lines in the Montezuma video slots game are fixed, so players cannot select to play on less than thirty pay lines.

The Montezuma Theme and Symbols

The culture and history of ancient South America is important in the Montezuma video slots game, and it plays a large part in the features of the game. The Montezuma video slots game focuses on Montezuma, a great warrior and emperor of the ancient Aztec people. The background of the video slots game depicts the South American jungle, and references to the ancient Aztec civilisation are made at all points during the game. The reels themselves feature a gold design, while the logo of Montezuma itself is depicted with Aztec birds.

The symbols of the game portray items of ancient Aztec culture. These include the legendary eagle, pyramids, a gold mask, a snake statue, a feather cap, dream catcher, an Aztec princess, as well as an Aztec warrior.

The Montezuma Wild Symbol

One of the standard features of modern video slots games is the wild symbol, which is no different in Montezuma. The wild symbol in the Montezuma video slots game is depicted by the icon of the pyramid. The pyramid wild symbol can only appear in the middle reels of the Montezuma video slots game, that is, the second, third, and fourth reels.

The wild symbol can substitute any of the other symbols of the game, thereby helping players complete winning pay lines, make up the best possible winning combination, and receive the highest possible payouts.

Stacked symbols are possible.

The Montezuma Scatter Symbol

Another standard symbol of modern video slots games is the scatter symbol. In the Montezuma video slots game, the scatter symbol is represented by the icon of the shield. Landing shield scatter symbols anywhere on the reels can result in a winning combination, but landing three or more shield scatter symbols will have the added benefit of triggering the free spins bonus round.

As soon as the free spins bonus round is triggered, players will be presented with a spinning wheel, which will then reward the players with any number of between three and twenty-five free spins. Players will also be rewarded with multipliers during the free spins bonus round, and they may receive anything from between a two-time to a ten-time multiplier for each spin.

The Montezuma Multiplier Guarantee

The Montezuma video slots game offers its players a multiplier guarantee. If any feature ends with a multiplier that is less than ten times the original bet, then players will automatically receive the ten-time multiplier on the original bet. This will be applied to all winnings, including the initial scatter payout of a maximum of three hundred coins. This multiplier guarantee is only applicable to the free spins bonus round.

Hound Hotel

The Hound Hotel Video Slots Game

The Hound Hotel video slots game is based on dogs, and is one of the many themed video slots games by Microgaming, one of the largest online software and gaming manufacturers in the world. The game offers its players Hound Hotel wilds, stacked wilds, a dashing wilds feature, super stacked wilds, expanding wilds, whole wild reels, super wild reels, and even split reels, making this a game complete with all wild features one could think of. The game is played on a fixed set of twenty-five pay lines.

The Hound Hotel Theme and Symbols

The Hound Hotel video slots game features upper-class dogs, including a basset hound, a poodle, a pug, a wolfhound, and a scotch terrier. These dogs are welcomed to the dog hotel with sophisticated offerings such as pipes, alcoholic drinks, and standard playing cards.

The standard playing card symbols have the lowest pay out figure, and landing any number between three and five of the playing card symbols will pay out between seven and a half to one hundred and eighty-seven and a half coins. The pug will pay out two hundred and twenty-five coins, the scotch terrier three hundred coins, the poodle four hundred and fifty coins, and the wolfhound six hundred coins. The highest paying standard symbol is the basset hound, which will reward players with a payout of up to six hundred and seventy-five coins.

The Hound Hotel Wild Symbols

As mentioned before, the Hound Hotel video slots game offers numerous wild symbols and features. The standard Hound Hotel wilds will substitute any of the game’s symbols to make up the best possible winning combinations. Landing five of these in a line will also reward players with a winning pay out of seven hundred and fifty coins.

After each non-winning spin, the dashing wilds may randomly appear in three positions to help players land winning combinations. Super stacked wilds may appear on the second and fourth reels, while expanding wilds and wild reels can appear on the first and fifth reels. The split wilds create an additional symbol, converting the regular five symbol active pay line into a six symbol active pay line. Winning combinations on such a pay line will pay out double the normal amount. The Hound Hotel video slots game also offers super wild reels, in which up to three whole reels can be completely covered with expanding wilds, allowing for the utmost in winning potential.

The Hound Hotel Free Spins

The Hound Hotel video slots game also offers its players a free spins feature, which will be triggered when players land three, four, or five scattered hound symbols. Once this feature has been triggered, players will be asked to pick one of five possible doors on each of the three floors of the depicted Hound Hotel. The door picked on the first floor will determine the feature the player will be rewarded with. The door picked on the second floor will determine the multiplier the player will be rewarded with, and, finally, the door picked on the third floor will determine the number of free spins the player will be rewarded with.

Happy New Year

The Happy New Year Slots Game

The Happy New Year video slots game offers its players a Chinese theme, focusing on the Chinese New Year celebration. It is made up of three reels and five pay lines, offerings its players great graphics, a jackpot win, and large pay outs. The Happy New Year video slots game has been designed, developed, and released by Microgaming, one of the world’s largest and leading online gaming software developers.

The Happy New Year Theme and Symbols

The theme of the Happy New Year video slots game, as mentioned, focused on the Chinese New Year celebration. The background of the game consists of sparkling green, red and yellow fireworks as well as numerous glowing red Chinese lanterns and other festive decorations.

The whole theme of the game offers a red and gold colour scheme, fitting for the New Year’s celebrations. The graphics are of a high quality and the Happy New Year game offers a smooth gaming experience.

The symbols of the Happy New Year video slots game are also related to the theme, and consist of symbols such as the green, yellow, and red firecrackers, the Chinese lanterns, and the Chinese New Year logo.

The game’s jackpot can be won by landing three of the wild symbols, in order, on any of the game’s pay lines, with the fourth and fifth pay lines offering the highest wins, with one thousand six hundred and two thousand four hundred coins respectively. The firecracker symbol also offers large payouts, and players landing three firecracker symbols can expect a few thousand coins.

The Chinese Script Symbol

The Chinese script symbol is a feature-rich symbol in the Happy New Year video slots game. It is one of the highest paying symbols, and also functions as the scatter symbol and the wild symbol of the game. As the wild symbol, this script symbol can substitute any of the other symbols in order to help players complete pay lines, make up the best winning combinations, and receive the highest possible payouts. The Chinese script symbol can also reward players with a two-time or four-time multiplier on their winnings, depending on how many Chinese script symbols were landed on an active pay line. These multipliers act as one of the bonus features of the Happy New Year game.

Setting Up Game Play

Setting up the Happy New Year video slots game is rather easy and well-suited to all types of players, from novice players on a budget to experienced high-rollers. Players can bet coin denominations ranging from one to twenty-five and coin per pay line bets of between one and five. The maximum bet is one hundred and twenty, with five coins at a value of twenty-five per coin). The maximum jackpot at a coin bet of five coins per pay line is two thousand and four hundred coins. The Happy New Year video slots game has a payout percentage of between ninety-five and ninety-six percent, with a hit rate of between twenty-three and twenty-four percent.